New parents!!!

Congratulations on the arrival of your bundle of joy. This is the one of the most amazing experiences in the world but can also be overwhelming and intimidating at times especially at the early stages of parenthood. I have put together some tips to help you navigate the early stages of parenthood. Hope this helps:

Survival guides for new parents

Feeding Tips!!

   Whether you plan on breastfeeding or bottle feeding, remember a fed baby is best. If you are breastfeeding, my top tip will be to invest in a quality decent nursing bra to make feeding a little easier. Get some nipple cream as well as no one tells you how the early stages can cause nipple cracks and it can be quite painful. 

Hydration is very important. Drinking enough fluids can aid in milk production. Eating a well balanced diet ensures your baby gets all the nutrients and nourishment they need. 

If you are bottle feeding, ensure you choose a bottle with a mimic the natural flow of breast milk. Some people use prep machines, this is totally upto you but recommend you speak to your health visitor. Get a bottle steriliser to make sure bottles are sterilised after every wash.

Sleep while baby is sleeping


  I know you've heard this many times. Trust me I know. You are tempted to do the house work and the laundry when baby is asleep but please push the laundry to the other side and take a nap. Baby is going to need all your attention when they are awake so take that nap now that you can.

Baby sleeping tips- A white noise machine can work wonders to help your little one snooze soundly. A baby shusher which I use in my newborn session work so well. There are soo many white noise machine in the market and even a free white noice app you can download. Please make sure you are using this safely.

Sleeping tips for baby Oban

Please Ask for Help

  Whether it’s a family member, a trusted colleague, a friend, neighbour, anyone you trust, allow them to help you in anyway they possibly can. It can range from cooking some meals for you, tidying your house, getting some groceries or or watching the baby so you can catch some sleep or even take a shower. Take every help you can get. Remember the midwife and health visitors are always there to help and support.

Lower your standards/Make Healthy choices  

   Remember you just had a baby. The next thought might be to loose the baby weight!! It took a couple of months, 9 months to be exact to create this beautiful life, give yourself a little bit of grace. The pounds won’t fall off overnight. Moods might be erratic due to hormones and you often won’t be feeling or looking like your pre-baby self immediately. It’s tempting when you’re feeling like this (particularly if you’re also exhausted) to also just eat whatever you want. But you’ll feel so much better if you eat healthy, nutritious foods. Stock up on snacks you can eat with one hand such as almonds, sticks of carrots, fruit and cereal bars. 

Please don’t try and be as organised as you used to be before baby, trying to do it all, delegate some chores, simplify things for yourself to avoid stress. Get paper plates and paper cups if it means cutting down on dirty dishes. Shop online and your partner or friend can pick them up. Do whatever you need to do to make things easier for you.


This is totally up to you and your significant other. Some new parents might want people around immediately they are back from the hospital and some want to get into a routine first. Whatever you decide to do is totally upto you. It’s important to let people know ahead so they respect your wishes. Please keep in mind that babies have a delicate immune system and are more susceptible to infections.

Letting visitors see your baby

Build a Routine


It is difficult to put a newborn baby on a set schedule but in the coming months with consistent effort it will get easier. Pay attention to your baby cues and cries and start building routine early. Slowly start establishing a bedtime routine eg bathing, moisturising, reading a story or singing a song. Whatever you decide, be consistent.

Self care

   When you care for your mind, soul and body, you get to be the best version of your self for you, your baby and your family. Take a shower, meet friends for coffee or tea, go for walks with the pram when you are ready. Meet friends for walks and chats.

Oban photographer

Final thoughts for new parents

This is exciting, challenging and a rewarding journey. With these tips you can navigate the ups and downs of this new chapter of your life with more confidence and ease. Prioritise self care, seek support when needed and enjoy your precious baby.

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