The best time frame for photographing your newborn is between 5-15days old. The reason is simply sleep and they are happy to be posed safely. They are also very curly as they were in mummy's belly and this helps in swaddling and getting them into beautiful womb poses. This window works best but it's certainly not a requirement. I understand every mum and baby is different that's why I'm flexible and can photograph babies up to 2 months, however it is important to note that babies are alert at this point and not all poses can be guaranteed. It is recommended for mums to get in touch after your 20week scan to book to be guaranteed a spot as limited sessions are available each month. If you have already had your baby before finding out about the amazing services I offer, please contact me, it would be a shame to miss this very important moment. They are only little for a short time.


Congratulations!!! You have just secured a spot for one of the most important photo of your baby's life. £99 non refundable retainer is required to book and this is deducted from your final price irrespective of the package you decide to go with (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE NEWBORN PACKAGES) . Provisional date for your session will be given to you based on your expected due date, but don't worry if baby makes an early appearance or decides he/she prefers mummy's belly better. All you need to do is let me know when baby makes his/her appearance and we can book in a confirmed date that will suit the new mummy and your bundle of joy.

Your session will be customised to suit your choice of colours and outfits (CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT A FORM)


Newborn sessions take between 1-3 hours taking feeding and settling baby into consideration. Each session is different and can go quickly if baby is happy and sleepy. Props, Wraps, headbands and hats are all provided by me.

At the start of a session, I usually start with a wrapped pose, this will help settle baby and help them fall asleep. Every baby is different and every session is different, your bundle of joy is the boss and I will watch and see how he/she wants the session to go.


1/. Keep baby awake & alert as best as you. A nice bath usually does the trick, interact with them and stimulate them as much as possible.

2/. Feed your baby just before you leave your home so that they arrive at the studio nice and full. Bring baby's formulae for top ups or expressed milk (if you express) but if not, baby can feed from you as at when needed.

TIP -Get dressed and be ready before feeding baby so it’s the last thing you do before heading to the studio!  

3/. If you are breastfeeding, it may help not to eat anything spicy or acidic, or drink caffeine in the 48 hours prior to your session as this could possibly make baby very unsettled.

4/. Dress baby in a simple loose sleeper that doesn't have to be lifted off over the head, just incase baby is sound asleep on arrival. No tight socks ore vest to avoid lines on their skin.

5/. Please do not use any ointment on baby's skin. Also avoid using baby powder on your baby on the day of your session.

6/. Please bring a dummy if baby uses one, it helps for when baby wants to feed/ suckle for comfort


1/. If the baby is awake when you arrive, it is best to undress them first, loosen the nappy and then wrap them in a blanket before feeding. We might top up as required so might not follow a strict feeding schedule.

2/. The studio will be very warm to keep baby comfortable and sleepy. Please do not dress in layers so that you don't get too hot or dress in layers that can easily be removed. I will be providing bottled water but please feel free to bring your own.

3/. Baby's wellbeing is very important than any shot so we will take regular breaks to soothe baby, change baby's nappies if we need to etc

4/. We recommend bringing no more than yourself, your spouse/partner and children. Lots of people in the little studio can create challenging conditions.

5/. When doing the poses where the baby is undressed, it is normal (and okay) for baby to poop or do a wee on my backdrop...or anywhere else. This happens all the time, and I am not upset or offended. Please bring with you baby wipes, extra nappies, and a towel. After each newborn session, I launder all of my backdrops and other items the baby comes in to contact with.

6/. No cameras are allowed during your session. we are working very hard to create unique, artistic images for you and another camera (phone camera or otherwise) can be distracting. I'll take those beautiful images for you.

7/. If siblings are going to be part of the session, the best method with siblings is to have them come at the start of the session only. Toddlers especially have a difficult time sitting quietly through a newborn session. If you need to bring your older child for the duration of the session, please plan to keep them entertained with snacks, quiet toys, books. It is best if one parent/ grandparent/friend can take them to a playpark after their session with baby while mum gets a break. I do my best to keep the room very calm and peaceful so baby is more relaxed.

8/. For family portraits I will recommend neutral colours as they work best . It's important to note that the focus is on baby and not on the clothing. Simple black, white or grey coloured top or dress for mum and a T-shirt or shirt for Dad with no logos works best. Parent and Baby sets are close up mostly so most of what you wear will not be shown. Soft hair photographs best with newborn, please use minimal hairsprays. Neutral nail polish or clean unpolished nail photographs well. Please wear simple earrings as we want all focus to be on you, dad and Baby.

Skin to skin portraits with you holding baby is very timeless, if you would like a natural skin to skin portrait with your newborn, it's advised that mum wears a strapless top or vest. I could also wrap you and baby with a stretchy material.

9/. If siblings are part of the session, please dress them in a simple white or grey clothing. I usually photograph them in their bare feet. please remove their shoes and socks at the beginning of a session to get them used to it. For girls, minimal hair accessories is required.


1/. After your session, unedited images from your session will be sent to you via an online gallery. You will get the chance to select your favourites that will be edited and sent to you via another link. This is usually within 1 week after your session. After selection, gallery with final edits can take within 2-3weeks. Digital images are delivered after final edits links are emailed to be downloaded. Prints and all orders will be delivered as soon as they are ready, please note that takes longer and I have no control over how long shipping takes.

2/. Your viewing and ordering appointment will take place online. There's a list of product we offer (all available on our investment page). You will be able to see to see some of these products in studio on the day of your session. Please let us know If there's a particular one you will like to see.

Thank you for choosing me to capture these important images for you. If you have any questions please let me know, otherwise will see you at your session.